Oberoi Sector 58 Gurgaon | 2, 3, and 4 BHK apartments

Oberoi Sector 58 Gurgaon


Situated in the heart of Gurgaon, Oberoi Sector 58 Gurgaon unveils a residential oasis where luxury meets comfort. This residential complex offers a range of 2, 3, and 4 BHK apartments designed to provide a harmonious living experience. With meticulous planning and attention to detail, Oberoi Sector 58 redefines the concept of urban living.

Location Advantages:

It enjoys a prime location, strategically positioned to provide residents with a multitude of advantages. Surrounded by greenery and in close proximity to essential services, educational institutions, and healthcare facilities, the location ensures that every convenience is just a stone’s throw away. Residents can relish the perfect balance of tranquility and accessibility in this coveted address.


Connectivity is a key highlight of Oberoi Sector 58. The complex is seamlessly connected to major roadways and highways, ensuring easy access to the rest of Gurgaon and neighboring cities.  Additionally, the well-planned infrastructure and proximity to public transportation options contribute to a hassle-free commute. To make it an ideal residence for those seeking both convenience and connectivity.


It is designed to offer residents a lifestyle of opulence and ease. The array of amenities consists of a nicely-prepared gym, landscaped gardens, a swimming pool, and leisure regions. Residents can rejuvenate in the spa or engage in community activities within the clubhouse. These amenities cater to the diverse wishes of citizens, fostering an experience of community and well-being.


Vaastu Sastra Principles:

Incorporating Vaastu Sastra principles, Oberoi Sector 58 Gurugram emphasizes the importance of positive energy flow and balance within living spaces. The design adheres to these ancient architectural principles, creating homes that resonate with harmony and prosperity. Residents can experience the benefits of living in a space that aligns with each modern consolation and traditional wisdom.


Floor Plan & Master Plan:

Oberoi Sector 58 Gurgaon offers meticulously crafted floor plans that prioritize spaciousness, natural light, and ventilation. The master plan of the complex ensures a well-organized layout, with green spaces, walking trails, and recreational zones seamlessly integrated. The thoughtful design allows residents to revel in a living space that combines functionality with aesthetics.

About us:

It stands as a testament to luxury living in Gurgaon.  With its prime location, excellent connectivity, modern amenities, adherence to Vaastu Sastra principles, and thoughtful floor plan. The residential complex is more than just a set of apartments – it is a lifestyle destination.  Whether you seek a cozy 2 BHK or a spacious 4 BHK, New Launch Oberoi Sector 58 Gurugram promises a sanctuary where every day is a celebration of comfort and elegance. Embrace a life of serenity and luxury in the heart of Gurgaon’s bustling landscape.


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