Birla Silas Niyaara Worli Mumbai: Premium Living Apartments

Birla Silas Niyaara Worli Mumbai


Birla Silas Niyaara Worli Mumbai is a luxurious residential development by the valued Birla Group, offering wealthy apartments with supreme amenities. This project represents a royal lifestyle with both 4 and 5 BHK apartments available. This property promises an ideal lifestyle curated by Birla Properties in the affluent locality of South Mumbai. It is a high point of stylishness and exclusivity, perfect for those seeking the ultimate in luxury living.

Project Overview:

Birla Estates is leading a development project that spans across acres of prime land. The project envisions an integrated community offering various types of homes, including duplexes, triplexes, multi-family residences, single-family homes, villas, ranch-style homes, manors, and bungalows within a gated community setting. Birla Silas Mumbai has approximately 1,200 housing units with spacious rooms. The entire building is designed as a smart home, featuring luxurious master suites and central air conditioning facilities.

Location Advantages:

Situated in one of South Mumbai’s premium areas, Birla Silas Niyaara in Worli enjoys a thriving urban landscape characterized by high-rise residential towers and a captivating skyline of skyscrapers. The neighborhood is host to several prominent projects, elevating it to a premium residential market in the city. Its strategic location ensures excellent connectivity, with the airport just 15 km away and easy access to Currie Road and Lower Parel railway stations, as well as the Worli Metro Line 3 station.


Birla Silas Niyaara Worli offers an array of amenities, including well-designed bathrooms with luxury steam showers, high ceilings, and spacious bedrooms. The kitchen spaces are a chef’s delight, equipped with modern accessories and appliances. Furthermore, the building features premium vitrified tiles, granite floors, marble floors, and oak floors. Crafted for a luxurious lifestyle, all boast anti-skid flooring, ensuring safety and elegance in every space. Residents can relish seafront views from select bedrooms, thereby emphasizing the project’s commitment to offering a breathtaking living experience.


This project ensures excellent connectivity through various modes of transport, making daily commutes convenient for residents. Additionally, with railway stations in close proximity and the Worli Metro Line 3, the project seamlessly integrates into Mumbai well-connected transportation network.


Birla Silas Niyaara is a luxurious and sophisticated real estate project located in Mumbai. Exemplifying meticulous attention to detail, the residences have been thoughtfully designed, thereby securing a prime location. Furthermore, in line with the Birla Group’s vision for a royal lifestyle, the project amenities seamlessly mirror this commitment. Consequently, these factors collectively position it as one of the most coveted real estate developments in the city.

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