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Devika Katra


Devika Katra is a luxurious development in Katra, Jammu, that includes shops, a 5-star hotel and modern service flats. These combined efforts aim to create a great place to live and shop, making it a popular spot for both locals and tourists. With its great amenities, strategic location and unique style, it stands out in a great area.

Project Highlights

This project made to appeal to a wide range of people, from brief visitors and shoppers to people who live there permanently. An exciting shopping experience created by the project many stores, which sell everything from high-end fashion to everyday necessities. The service flats are well-equipped and comfortable places to stay, perfect for long stays.

Best Location

Strategically situated in Katra, Devika Katra Jammu has easy access to major transportation hubs. Visitor right of entry to made smooth by using the project closeness to the Katra train station and bus hub. This terrific vicinity is especially beneficial for pilgrims going to the Vaishno Devi Shrine as it makes their nonsecular journey less complicated. Moreover, the project place makes it easy to get to nearby websites and conveniences, which improves the overall residing enjoyment.

Master Plan

The ultimate plan for this property was carefully created to make sure that all of its parts work well together. Retail spaces are on the lower floors, which makes the area great for shopping. Upstairs, the 5-star hotel and service apartments give guests and residents sanctuary and peace. 


The Devika Projects In Katra licensed using the Real Estate Regulatory Authority (RERA), which makes subjects clean and reliable. Legal and regulatory requirements met, so the project positive to fulfill the excessive requirements of the building. Buyers can relax easily understanding that their funding is secure and that the property is reliable after they sign in with RERA.


There are nice restaurants, spas, exercise centers and designer rooms at the hotel. Every modern convenience included in the service apartments, so residents can have a peaceful stay. Furthermore, the project includes plenty of parking, protection that is available 24/7 and a backup power supply, making sure that everyone has a smooth experience.


This building is the best place to go in Katra, Jammu, because it has a great mix of shops, a 5-star hotel and modern service flats. Devika Katra a magnificent integrated development because of its excellent connectivity, thoughtful master plan, RERA compliance and excellent amenities. It’s great for shopping, staying in style, or just relaxing.

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