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DLF Villas Reis Magos Goa


Situated in the picturesque landscapes of Goa, DLF Villas Reis Magos Goa offers an exclusive retreat for those seeking luxury living. Boasting 4 BHK and 5 BHK villas, this residential enclave epitomises elegance, comfort, and tranquillity, providing residents with a lifestyle beyond compare.

Location Advantages:

Perched in the serene surroundings of Reis Magos, the project enjoys unparalleled location advantages. Situated near pristine beaches, vibrant markets, and popular tourist attractions, residents have access to the best of both worlds – the tranquil charm of Goa and the vibrant energy of its cultural hubs.


DLF Villas Reis Magos boasts excellent connectivity, ensuring easy access to key destinations in Goa. Well-connected to major roadways, residents can effortlessly explore the vibrant landscapes and picturesque locales of the region. Additionally, proximity to the airport and railway station makes travel convenient for residents and visitors alike.


Indulge in a lifestyle of luxury and leisure with the exceptional amenities offered at It. From private swimming pools and landscaped gardens to clubhouse facilities and 24-hour security, every aspect is designed to elevate the living experience. Residents can unwind and rejuvenate in the lap of luxury, surrounded by the herbal splendor of Goa.

Vaastu Shastra Principles:

DLF Villas Reis Magos Goa embodies the principles of Vaastu Shastra, harmonising architecture with natural elements to create a space of positive energy and well-being. The design and layout of the villas adhere to ancient principles, promoting harmony and prosperity for residents. Each villa is thoughtfully crafted to align with Vaastu guidelines, ensuring a balanced and harmonious living environment.

Floor Plan & Master Plan:

The meticulously designed floor plans of DLF Villa Goa offer spacious and well-appointed living spaces, ideal for modern families. Each villa maximizes comfort and functionality, with luxurious amenities and scenic views. The master plan emphasizes green spaces and recreational areas, creating a serene oasis amidst the lush landscapes of Goa.


It presents a rare opportunity to experience luxury living in one of India’s most coveted destinations. With its prime location, world-class amenities, adherence to Vaastu principles, and thoughtfully designed floor plans. It offers an unparalleled residential experience. For those seeking a sanctuary amidst the natural beauty of Goa, DLF Goa stands as the epitome of luxury and sophistication.

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