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Elite X Noida Extension


Elite X Noida Extension is a residential project that gives 3 and 4-BHK luxury flats. It designed to offer you the utmost comfort and convenience. Located in Greater Noida, it is the epitome of a contemporary living, with a touch of historical know-how via its adherence to Vastu Shastra concepts.

Location Advantage: 

One of the key highlights of Elite X is its serene place. Situated in Greater Noida, this project offers a tranquil environment away from the hustle and bustle of city life. Surrounded by lush green landscapes and open spaces. It presents a super escape from the chaotic city lifestyles at the same time as making smooth accessibility to all the essential facilities. The project is strategically located, with awesome connectivity to predominant landmarks and transportation hubs. The proximity to educational establishments, healthcare facilities, buying centers, and entertainment zones makes this project a great choice for households. You can experience the fine of both worlds – peaceful and serene surroundings, in conjunction with easy right of entry to all of the conveniences of city dwellings.

Vastu Shastra Compliance: 

It is designed keeping in mind the standards of Vastu Shastra, which is a historical Indian architectural technological know-how that emphasizes the harmonious balance between nature, people, and their residing areas. The project follows the Vastu tips to ensure a superb and rich living for its citizens. The residences designed by Vastu concepts, ensuring the waft of tremendous power throughout the living areas. The format and orientation of the residences cautiously planned to maximize herbal light and airflow. It is also growing a wholesome and colorful living environment for you and your loved ones.

Amenities and Facilities: 

Elite X Noida Extension offers a plethora of world-class amenities and centers that cater to the numerous desires and choices of its citizens. From a properly ready health club and swimming pool to landscaped gardens and running tracks. Each flat designed to beautify your lifestyle. The project additionally features a clubhouse in which you may unwind and socialize with your buddies. The multi-cause hall is best for web-hosting events and gatherings, even as the kid’s play area guarantees that your infants have a safe and enjoyable time. With 24/7 security and energy backup, it prioritizes your safety and luxury.

About Us:

Elite X Sector 10 Greater Noida offers a great combination of luxury, serenity, and Vastu Shastra compliance. With its spacious and well-designed residences, serene region, and a wide variety of amenities, it guarantees a way of life that is unmatched. Whether you are seeking out a luxurious home or a beneficial investment opportunity, it is the area to be. Embrace the luxury and calmness that it has to provide and increase your living revel to new heights.

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