Tarc Ishva Gurgaon: Modern & Spacious Living

Tarc Ishva Gurgaon

In the heart of Gurgaon, a haven of spaciousness and modernity awaits you – Tarc Ishva. Offering a selection of roomy 2-BHK and spacious 3-BHK apartments, Tarc Ishva Gurgaon ensures a comfortable and contemporary lifestyle for you and your family.

Spacious Apartments:

Space matters and Tarc Ishva understands that. Designed to provide ample space for living, painting, and relaxation, their 2BHK and 3BHK apartments ensure you never feel cramped. Whether you’re a small circle of relatives or someone who enjoys a larger area, those flats cater to your needs.

Modern Amenities and Facilities:

But it’s not just about space; it’s about convenience too. Modern amenities and facilities at Tarc Ishva ensure daily life becomes enjoyable and hassle-free. We take care of every detail, from well-designed interiors to thoughtful features, all aimed at enhancing your living experience.


Connectivity is a key aspect, and it ensures that you’re well-connected to all the major cities. No more long commutes or difficulty accessing essential services – Tarc Ishva’s strategic location offers you the convenience of being close to everything you need.

Imagine waking up in a place where everything is within your reach. Whether it’s a refreshing dip in the swimming pool, a relaxing evening in the landscaped gardens, or a workout session in the fitness center, this project brings these experiences to your doorstep.

Safety and Security:

Safety and security are of paramount importance, and Tarc Ishva Sector 63A Gurugram places a high priority on your well-being. Additionally, with modern security systems and 24×7 surveillance in place, you can rest assured that your family is in a secure environment.

Vibrantly Designed apartments:

It doesn’t merely build bricks and mortar; it crafts a canvas for you to weave your life’s narrative. These apartments are tailored to suit your lifestyle, providing cozy corners for introspection and vibrant spaces for celebrations.


Tarc Ishva Gurgaon stands as a beacon of spacious living, modern amenities, and a strategic location. Whether you’re considering a new home or an investment, these apartments offer the perfect blend of comfort, convenience, and contemporary living. Experience the difference at Tarc Ishva Sector 63 Gurgaon– where spacious living meets modern aspirations.

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